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MCLA Recommends Chapter 134 Rules

MCLA developed recommendations to inform the Department of Education’s next version of Chapter 134, the routine technical rules associated with Maine’s proficiency-based diploma requirements. MCLA’s recommendations are organized in three categories: A. school administrative unit responsibilities; B. the exceptions outlined in the statute; and C. Department of Education legislative reporting requirements. Download our recommendations. Our recommendations reflect substantial agreement among the participating members and address the following rule making criteria. The next version of rule… Continue Reading MCLA Recommends Chapter 134 Rules

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MCLA + State Policy

MCLA + State Policy: How We Represent Members MCLA tracks bills that impact curriculum, instruction, assessment and standards and proficiency implementation. We poll our members on upcoming bills and potential state policies and report the results to members, the Department of Education, and to the legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs.  Read more on our Leadership page.

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Heidi’s Short History of the Guiding Principles

I was the lead Department of Education staff person who supported the State Board of Education’s Task Force on Learning Results. The Task Force was charged with developing a vision for education in Maine, a five-year plan to work toward it, and the development of a new set of state standards to replace Maine’s original Common Core of Learning. The vision was developed by stakeholders representing business, education, nonprofits, parents, and community members. The standards… Continue Reading Heidi’s Short History of the Guiding Principles

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