Our Listserv Policy

MCLA’s Members-Only Listserv

mail boxThe Maine Curriculum Leaders’ Association (MCLA) maintains an email listserv for its members. MCLA members are automatically subscribed to this list and agree to the following terms of use and online community behavior when they become members.

  • Listserv postings may include questions and discussion items, MCLA announcements and updates, position vacancies, professional development opportunities, and news and information helpful to MCLA’s members. Listserv postings that promote or advertise goods or services are forbidden.
  •  Listserv participation is non-transferable and is intended to benefit and support MCLA’s individual members.
  • The content of individual postings is intended solely for the use and benefit of the members. The content of posts and the poster’s identity is confidential within the community and governed according to the privacy and confidentiality rules of the member’s email provider or organization.
  • Listserv postings deemed inappropriate by either the Executive Director or the webmaster will be blocked and/or deleted.
  • News, information, and other updates posted by MCLA’s Executive Director are intended for the membership, but may be shared within the member’s own organization. Specific requests for information from the community by MCLA’s Executive Director (surveys, polls, requests for feedback on possible MCLA policies) may not be delegated to non-members.
  • Flaming, spamming, other inconsiderate behavior, and illegal use of the members’ contact information or other posted information will not be tolerated.
  • Participants who violate MCLA’s listserv policy may be unsubscribed from the list at the discretion of the Executive Director. Unsubscribed members who wish to appeal the Executive Director’s decision may do so with written notice to the Director of the desire to appeal. The Executive Committee of MCLA’s board of directors will decide appeals.
  • Inquiries about appropriate postings and use of the members’ listserv must be directed to MCLA’s Executive Director (director@mainecla.org) and should not be posted to the listserv.

adopted 3-26-10; amended 4-26-13; amended 8-4-15.