Curriculum Leader Award

Maine’s 2017 Curriculum Leader of the Year

Becky Brown, Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction, South Portland


The Curriculum Leader of the Year:

  1. Has successfully served as a curriculum leader (designated curriculum director, assistant superintendent, or teacher leader) in public education for at least five years.
  2. Is a member of MCLA at the time of nomination.
  3. Is a proven champion of curriculum, instruction, and assessment policies and practices that enhance learning both within and outside the district, who also:
  • Promotes and provides opportunities to learn and to share learning.
  • Develops partnerships and networks with other districts and organizations to support learning.


The Curriculum Leader of the Year is selected by previous awardees and by MCLA’s board of directors.

awardCLOY Recipients

  • Peter Lancia, Westbrook (2016)
  • Deb McIntyre, RSU 3 (2015)
  • Shelly Mogul, Auburn (2014)
  • Mary Giard, RSU 22 (2013)
  • Jan Goldsberry, Sanford (2012)
  • Diana Doiron, Maine Department of Education (2011)
  • Dr. Judith Pusey, Old Town (2010)
  • Dr. Carol Marcotte, RSU 23 (2009)
  • Joanne Harriman, Mt. Desert (2008)
  • Karoldene Barnes, RSU 64 (2007)