Assessing Content Proficiency

Assessing Content Proficiency (MCLA Problem Solving Session September 29, 2014)

Heidi’s Slides (pptx)

Standards Hierarchies (pdf)

Porky 1 (word)

Porky 2 (pdf)

Four-step Practice (word)

Two-step Practice (word)

Four Steps — Blank (word) (pdf)

Heidi’s Learning Opportunity

CCSS Explanatory Writing — Four Steps (word)

Jason and Cora (pdf)

AK (pdf)

Sample Assessments (These are not necessarily exemplars!)


  • How Many Pets? Solve problems with data (word) (pdf)
  • Lost Teeth — Solve problems with data (word) (pdf)


  • Best Plant Food — Use data, support solutions (word) (pdf)
  • Mr. Math — Add and subtract fractions (word) (pdf)
  • Cycles of Change — Cycles in science (word) (pdf)
  • Play Time — Multi-step word problems with the 4 operations (word) (pdf)


  • The Beekeeper and His Bees — Reading Informational text (word) (pdf)
  • Maine and the Civil War — Primary and secondary sources (word) (pdf)
  • Classification Systems — Categorizing organisms (word) (pdf)


  • How Portugal Changed Everything — Economics (word) (pdf)
  • ET Phone Home — Theories of the origin of life (word) (pdf)
  • Take a Position — ¬†Judicial protection, individual rights (word) (pdf)