Using What We’ve Learned — May 28, 2015 Resources

David Wayne’s Slides

Morning (Four Seasons, visioning, carousel) (ppt)

Afternoon (Systems thinking, planning) (ppt)

MCLA’s PBE Essential Components Framework (pdf)

Our proficiency-based education vision for Maine:

By 2025, proficiency-based public education is universally embraced and modeled leading to lifelong success and continued learning for Maine’s students. This includes:

• Support from and for community members, parents, teachers, and students
• Essential and relevant state standards in place, operational, and measured
• Responsive, flexible, and differentiated instruction to engage students in their own learning
• Adult modeling of growth and learning in the community, schools, districts, and across the state.

Download the vision transcription (pdf)

Carousel Transcription

Download your work this year (pdf) to:

  1. Define and assess proficiency
  2. Engage teachers in transforming teaching and learning
  3. Provide all students with opportunity to learn the standards
  4. Help stakeholders understand standards and proficiency

Additional Resources:

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization (Senge, Kleiner, Roberts, Ross, and Smith. 1994).  The focus is on business, but the strategies directly apply to schools and districts. (Still being purchased, used, and reviewed today.)

David’s crowdsourcing reference about the ox comes from a TED talk by Lior Zoref in 2012. The talk is no longer posted on TED, but is available on YouTube at and begins about 5 minutes into the presentation.