Guiding Principles Assessment Models

April 6, 2015 Problem Solving Session with

Becky Brown and Heidi McGinley

Slides (ppt)

Checklist/Planner (word) (pdf)

Maine Guiding Principles (word) (pdf)

Maine Learning Results (word) (pdf)

Embedding MLR’s in the MGP’s

Writing your own GP’s

All Kinds of Lists

  • P21 Framework (pdf)
  • Work Habits (pdf)
  • Habits of Mind Summary (pdf)
  • Costa & Kallick’s Habits of Mind Overview — Link to Chapter 2 ASCD
  • College and Career Ready Expectations — Use the bookmarks to find lists (pdf)
  • Skills USA Blueprint (pdf)
  • CTE Career Ready Practices — Link
  • American Association of Colleges and Universities Essential Learning Outcomes — Link
  • Metacognitive Skills — Link

RSU # 0 Work and College Readiness Standards (word) (pdf)

South Portland 21st Century Skills (pdf)

Writing Scoring Guides and Documenting Proficiency

MGP/MLR Model (word) (pdf)

South Portland Rubrics


South Portland Assessment Guide (word) (pdf)


  • Redefining College Readiness — D. Conley (2007) (pdf)
  • NEASC 2011 Standards (pdf)
  • NEASC 2015 Self-Study Rating Guide — see Core Values (pdf)
  • The College Readiness Gap — Link
  • College Readiness Implementation Guide (pdf)
  • Jay Collier’s (Educate Maine) Overview — Google Link
  • Study Skills — Link
  • Project Class — Link

 Buck Institute Rubrics

  • Creativity and Innovation 9-12 (word) (pdf)
  • Collaboration 6-12 (word) (pdf)