Becky Brown Named the 2017 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year

Becky Brown, Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction in South Portland, is MCLA’s 2017 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year. Becky was nominated by her superintendent Ken Kunin, who describes her as “a forward thinking, reflective district and state leader in the move to proficiency-based learning, guided always by what is best for students even if that challenges the adults (including herself)”.

Becky’s South Portland colleagues admire her ability to see both the big picture of proficiency-based learning and the steps and details necessary to get there. They cite “her ability to create structures and processes to guide our staff through the transition to proficiency” and her “bravery and skill” in doing so. Becky is adept at integrating information and approaches from many sources and making them manageable, reasonable, and immediately usable by teachers in her district. She has “nurtured and supported teacher leadership to ensure proficiency-based learning really does impact teaching and learning in every classroom”.

Becky supports proficiency-based learning in districts throughout Maine and New England, with other curriculum leaders in the southern Maine Curriculum Leaders group, with the Maine Curriculum Leaders’ Association, and with the Maine Department of Education. In all her work she “leads from a place of humility, clear purpose, and deep commitment to the common good,” says Diana Doiron, Maine DOE Proficiency-based Education Specialist.

We agree, and we are looking forward to working and learning with Becky on our board of directors next year.

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