Maine CLA
Our mission is to support curriculum leaders and to champion curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices and policies that enhance learning. The Maine Curriculum Leaders’ Association’s (MCLA) Board of Directors and its members work together by:

  • Promoting and providing professional learning.
  • Influencing policy and decision making.
  • Advancing the use of effective practices.
  • Developing and fostering partnerships with organizations consistent with our mission.
  • Supporting opportunities for networking and sharing.

Contact: Heidi McGinley, Director

Shelly Mogul is Maine’s Curriculum Leader of the Year

Shelly Mogul, Director of Curriculum and Teaching for the Auburn Public Schools, was named Curriculum Leader of the Year at the Maine Curriculum Leaders Association fall conference on October 27, 2014. Shelly’s Auburn colleagues, friends and family were present when the surprise announcement was made by Cathy McCue, MCLA’s president.

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MCLA Members Identify Hot Topics

MCLA’s members met on October 27 and identified seven topics they want the organization to watch and respond to in the upcoming legislative session and during any Department of Education rule and policy making. MCLA will use a rapid response email system to get member feedback on possible MCLA responses. Open emails with the subject line: MCLA Hot Topics Poll.  Read the minutes of MCLA’s annual membership meeting. The topics are:

  1. SBAC administration.
  2. Assessing the Guiding Principles.
  3. Special education identified students and PBD.
  4. World language as a graduation requirement.
  5. CCSS mathematics standards.
  6. Science standards.
  7. Educator Effectiveness Systems.